Clinical Psychology Requirements

Required Coursework & Milestones

Stat & Research Courses

Stat & Research courses
Course Code Course Title
EPY/PSY 8214 Quantitative Methods II
PSY 8803 Quantitative Methods III
PSY 8513 Psychological Research Methods
PSY 8000  Thesis (6 hour minimum)
PSY 9000 Dissertation (21 hours minimum)

Core Clinical Courses

Core Clinical courses
Course Code Course Title
PSY 8354 Intelligence Testing (Cognitive Assessment)
PSY 8364 Personality Appraisal
PSY 8323 Psychopathology
PSY 8333 Systems of Psychotherapy (Evidence Based Interventions)
PSY 8533 Clinical Practicum in Psychology (Clinical Skills)
PSY 8233 Ethics and Professional Issues
PSY 8383 Behavior Therapy
PSY 8990 Diversity in Applied Psychology (or equivalent, i.e., COE 9053 Advanced Multicultural Counseling)
PSY 8450/9460 Professional Practicum
PSY 9730 Internship (9 hours)

Foundation Courses

Foundation courses
Course Code Course Title
PSY 6403 Biological Psychology
PSY 8613 Advanced Social Psychology
PSY 8713 Issues in Cognitive Psychology
PSY 8313 Developmental Psychology
EPY 8113 Systems and Theories (History of Psychology)


  • Thesis Proposal (second year, 11/10 deadline)
  • Thesis Defense (end of third year, 8/1 deadline)
  • Manuscript Submission Examination Proposal (third year, 10/1 deadline)
  • Manuscript Submission Examination Passed
  • Dissertation Proposal (fourth year, 10/1 deadline)
  • Admitted to Doctoral Candidacy*
  • Permitted to Apply for Internship**
  • Dissertation Defense
  • Internship Completed
  • Degree Conferred
  • EPPP Passed
  • Licensure as a Psychologist Obtained***

*To be accepted for doctoral candidacy, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be within 6 credit hours of completing all course requirements (excludes PSY 9000 Dissertation and PSY 9730 Internship)
  2. Thesis defended
  3. Manuscript Submission Exam passed
  4. Dissertation Proposal passed
  5. Approval of the Clinical Training Committee and Director of Clinical Training

**To be permitted to apply for internship, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be admitted into doctoral candidacy
  2. Dissertation proposed by October 1 deadline
  3. Approval of the Clinical Training Committee and Director of Clinical Training

***Licensure occurs after graduating from the program and is strongly encouraged.

Example 5-Year Course Sequence

5-year degree course sequence
Year Fall (13 Credits Required) Spring (13 Credits Required) Summer
First Year QMII (4)
Research Methods (3)
Psychopathology (3)
Thesis (3)
Intelligence Testing (4)
Systems of Psychotherapy (3)
Clinical Skills (3)
Practicum (1-4)
Thesis (0-X)
Second Year Personality Appraisal (4)
Behavior Therapy (3)
Practicum (1-4)
Thesis (1-X)
Biological Psychology (3)
Ethics (3)
Dev/Soc/Cog/His #1 (3)
Practicum (1-4)
Thesis (1-X)
Practicum (1-4)
Thesis (0-X)
Third Year Dev/Soc/Cog/His #2 (3)
Dev/Soc/Cog/His #3 (3)
Practicum (1-4)
Dissertation (1-X)
Dev/Soc/Cog/His #4 (3)
Diversity (3)
Practicum (1-4)
Dissertation (1-X)
Practicum (1-4)
Dissertation (0-X)
Fourth Year Practicum (1-4)
Dissertation (1-X)
Practicum (1-4)
Dissertation (1-X)
Practicum (1-4)
Dissertation (1-X)
Fifth Year Internship (3) Internship (3) Internship (3)

Students must sign up for 13 credits in fall/spring semesters. After registering for all offered required courses appropriate for their year in the program, students should reach 13 credits with thesis/dissertation, practicum hours, and electives as appropriate.

Students are expected to spend a minimum of 10 hours weekly in research activities for the duration of the program, and students are strongly encouraged to propose/defend in advance of deadlines in addition to working on additional research projects. Continual enrollment in practicum (i.e., 1 to 4 credits per semester) is required upon completion of first year spring, and a minimum of 8 practicum credits must be completed by end of second year.

Please note that the above is only an example. As such, a different timeline may apply to your situation and some courses, especially the foundation courses, may be offered at variable times.