Graduate Programs

The Psychology Department at Mississippi State University houses Ph.D. programs in Clinical Psychology and Cognitive Science. Both are research-intensive programs supervised by our highly-productive graduate faculty.

Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program

The Clinical Psychology Ph.D. produces psychological scientists who complete their training prepared for either an academic career, or for service to the community as a scientifically-informed clinical practitioner.

Cognitive Science Program

The Cognitive Science Ph.D. program employs techniques from several disciplines to train students to become expert scientists in the field of cognitive science.

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Prospective Students

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Graduate Student Funding Information

Graduate students in our doctoral programs are funded via graduate assistantships. This funding is typically in the form of teaching or research assistantships. Teaching assistants generally serve in an instructional capacity, either under the supervision of a faculty member, or potentially as an instructor of record. Duties of the former can range from classroom duties and grading to teaching laboratory sections for statistics or experimental psychology. Instructors of record have the support of a faculty advisor for questions or issues that might arise, and these positions can provide excellent training opportunities for those planning academic careers. Research assistants generally work on a research grant with a faculty member or other supervisor.