Psychology Graduate Student Association

The Psychology Graduate Student Association (PGSA; previously the Graduate Psychology Department Association) was established in 2019 in order to promote and disseminate information about the relation between diversity and psychology, and provide a social support system for the psychology graduate students. The PGSA provides a supportive environment for graduate students in the Psychology Department at Mississippi State University and aims to disseminate psychological science to its members, undergraduate students at Mississippi State University, and the community. The PGSA fulfills their mission through the following: 
• Promoting peer to peer interaction in the Psychology Department through recreational department events (e.g., potlucks, pizza nights, etc.).
• Supporting graduate students in the department by organizing professional development opportunities and addressing graduate student concerns.
• Providing learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students within the field of psychology on psychology related topics.
• Promoting the inclusion of diverse populations within the field of psychology research and practice.
• Promoting the dissemination of research information in the field of psychology to undergraduate and graduate students at Mississippi State University.
• Arranging talks given by faculty, students, and outside speakers related to psychology topics.
• Arranging diversity workshops to increase training given to graduate students.
• Arranging a social venue for graduate students with an interest in psychology related topics in order to increase interaction among students from diverse backgrounds.
• Increasing communication with other student organizations in order to host larger psychology related events on campus.

The PGSA offers the following services for interested students, staff, and faculty at MSU and the community:
• Mental health talks and workshops
• Educational videos
• Science communication and research seminars
• Movie screenings and discussion about psychology topics
• Mentorship for students and individuals interested in psychology
• and much more!

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Current Officers
President: Darby Mackenstadt
Vice President: Andi Durham

Secretary: Tram Nguyen

Events Coordinator: Madison Bibbs
Social Media Manager: Autumn Schneider

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Cliff McKinney