The MSU Psychology Clinic is a non-profit mental health service, training, and research center operated by the Department of Psychology at Mississippi State University. Valuing individual and cultural differences is a core competency for psychologists and a driving force of our clinical training and delivery of mental health services. We recognize that all voices, viewpoints, and backgrounds make vital contributions to our understanding of human behavior. In all of our services, we aim to understand the individual and cultural factors that create unique persons. We promote this critical understanding through completion of specialized diversity training workshops and by continually updating our training to be considerate of ever-developing issues of diversity in clinical psychology. As a training facility the clinic operates under the university calendar and is staffed by doctoral students enrolled in the MSU Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program. Graduate clinicians work under the close supervision of MSU Clinical Psychology faculty members who are licensed mental health professionals in the state of Mississippi.

COVID-19 Update: The Psychology Clinic is offering limited telehealth services at this time. Services include individual therapy, family therapy, relationship therapy, and adult assessment services.



We are dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable psychological services to the Golden Triangle and surrounding communities. Confidential treatment and assessment services are provided for people of all ages, from preschool through late adulthood, regardless of affiliation with the University. Services include:

Services We Do Not Provide

The MSU Psychology Clinic serves as a training clinic, meaning service needs will be screened prior to scheduling an appointment to ensure that the appropriate service or referral is provided. The clinic does not provide medications or after-hours/urgent services.