Careers & Graduate School Resources

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Helpful resources for career and academic planning
Resource Description
Admissions Statistics A forum post of admission means for different types of programs
Average Cost and Support Info for Graduate School This website details cost of education in various settings (e.g., U dept/professional school), available support for grad students, etc
Average Salaries & Other Psyc Career Info This website documents average salaries of careers within Psychology, as well as providing career profiles with job descriptions.
Careers for Psychology Majors A partial list of possible employment and career options related to Psychology
How to Become a Psychologist Information on requirements, training, salaries, job prospects, etc.
Maroon Volunteer Center A listing of volunteer opportunities available. This is a great way to get recommendation letter writers.
Online Psychology Degree Programs Discover more than 7,100 psychology degree programs at over 1,800 schools by using this search-friendly directory. A great resource for getting into graduate school in Psychology
Psychology Graduate Schools A listing of graduate schools that offer degrees in Psychology
Register for the GRE Portal to find a GRE testing site and register for the exam
Social Work Degrees Check out options and information on degrees in Social Work
Psychology Masters degree Check out options and information on Master's degrees in Psychology
Reviews.Com: GRE Prep Courses Reviews of the many different programs designed to help you increase your GRE scores

Timeline for Applying to Graduate School

A timeline for Psychology majors wishing to apply to graduate school, broken down by year. Original courtesy of UNL.