Goals and Objectives

Goal #1: Program graduates are scientist-practitioners who have a broad knowledge base in the field of psychology

Objectives for Goal #1:

Objective 1A: Students will acquire the requisite knowledge in the core domains of psychology, including social, biological, developmental, cognitive/affective bases of behavior, and history and systems, which are required to be a competent psychologist.

Objective 1B: Students will utilize psychological theory and the empirical literature to guide their research and clinical practice.

Goal #2: Program graduates will be capable of contributing to the research literature through conducting independent empirical research.

Objectives for Goal #2:

Objective 2A: Students will have a strong understanding of research methods and statistics

Objective 2B: Students will be able to successfully present and defend their research findings.

Objective 2C: Students will be able to write a first-authored manuscript and will demonstrate adequate knowledge of the publication process

Goal #3: Program graduates will be able to provide and supervise evidence-based clinical services

Objectives for Goal #3:

Objective 3A: Students will be able to assess, diagnose, and treat a variety of problems to a broad range of clients.

Objective 3B: Students will be able to administer empirically-based assessments as well as competently interpret and write integrated reports

Objective 3C: Students will be able to provide competent instruction, supervision and consultation of psychological practice by other clinicians

Goal #4: Program graduates are professional psychologists who are guided by ethics, sensitive to diversity, and aware of self.

Objectives for Goal #4:

Objective 4A: Students will possess the awareness, sensitivity, and skills to work with individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds and characteristics

Objective 4B: Students will be guided by ethics, and practice in a manner that takes into account the rights and needs of those they serve as well as society as a whole

Objective 4C: Students will be aware of their personal and professional competence and will engage in appropriate self-care and continuing education