Cognitive Science Students and Labs

Former Students

The table below provides information on some of our former graduates and their current positions to indicate the range of careers that our graduates pursue.

Name Year Graduated

Current Position

Megan Raden 2022

Quantitative UX Researcher, Viget

Sarah Dyger 2022 Project Manager, Mississippi State University Research and Curriculum Unit
Marshall Green 2021 Postdoc, Georgia Tech
Jaymes Durriseau 2020 Assistant Professor, Southern University
Aaron Wong 2020 Postdoc, University of Minnesota
Alexis Payne 2018 Director of Donor Experience Research & Insights, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Hao Bai 2017 Data Scientist, Meta
Elaine Tan 2016 Senior Learning Designer, Pearson Educatio
Drew Cranford 2016

Postdoc, Carnegie Mellon University

Karla Antonelli 2014 Research Scientist I, Nat’l Res. & Train. Ctr on Blindness & Low Vision, Mississippi State University
Mark Thomas 2012 Associate Professor, Albany State University
Teena Garrison 2010 Senior Analyst/Human Factors Engineer, Sonalysts Inc.
Ty Abernathy  2008 Assistant Clinical Professor, Mississippi State University
Daniel Carruth 2008 Associate Director, Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems, Mississippi State University
Ginger Hooge 2008 Director Of Research and Evaluation General Board of Higher Education and Ministry
Mark Jodlowski 2008 Director Of Ecommerce Analytics Testing & Optimization, Custom Ink
Randy Brou 2006 Research Psychologist, Army Research Institute