Cognitive Science Minor


A Minor in Cognitive Science is designed for students who wish to pursue an interdisciplinary study of mind and thought. Students completing the program will have a broad understanding of the field of cognitive science and will have demonstrated an approach that highlights the interdisciplinary nature of Cognitive Science. The candidate must complete 18 hours of coursework from the approved list shown below.

The Cognitive Science Minor may be pursued by students with any declared major, including but not limited to students majoring in Psychology.

Pursuing the Minor

If you wish to declare your intention to pursue the Cognitive Science Minor, fill out the Cognitive Science Minor Registration Form and email a saved copy to Dr. Michael Pratte ( He will add you to the email list used for sharing information relevant to the minor.

Assuming you have met the minor requirements, when you apply for your degree be sure to claim “Cognitive Science” as a minor in addition to listing your major. That way, your transcript will be sent to the Psychology Department for verification, and your Minor in Cognitive Science will become an official part of your work here.

Course Requirements

1.  Required Courses

__ PSY 4653 / CSE 4653  Cognitive Science
__ PSY 3713 Cognitive Psychology
__ Computer Programming Course  (CSE 1233, 1273, 1284, or 1384)

2.  Three (3) courses from two (2) different departments on the following list:

__ PSY 3723 Cognitive Neuroscience
__ PSY 4423 Sensation and Perception
__ PSY 4473/ EN 4473 Phonetics
__ PSY 4733 Memory
__ PSY 4743 Psy of Human-Comp Interaction
__ PSY 4753/CSE 4673/IE 4123 Applied Cognitive Psychology
__ PHI 4143 Philosophy of Science
__ PHI 4223 Philosophy of Cognitive Science
__ EN 4403/AN 4403 Intro to Linguistics
__ EN 4443 English Syntax
__ EN 4463 Studies in 2nd Lang Acquisition
__ EN 4633 / SO 4633 / AN 4633 Language and Society
__ BIO  4133 Human Genetics
__ CSE 3813 Intro to Formal Languages and Automata
__ CSE 4633 Artificial Intelligence
__ CSE 4663 Human-Computer Interaction
__ CSE 4833 Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms
__ ECE 4473 Introduction to Computer Arithmetic
__ IE 4113 Human Factors Engineering