Cliff McKinney

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- Associate Professor; Clinical Program

P: 662-325-3782

Clinical Psychology

Parenting, gender, discipline, parental psychopathology, emerging adulthood

Research Gate Profile

Ph.D. University of Central Florida, 2009

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Research Expertise

I investigate the processes by which parenting is associated with psychological problems in the context of gender, parental psychopathology, and emerging adulthood. I also investigate oppositional defiant problems and associated outcomes in young adults.
Making Sense of Us: A Child and Family Research Lab

Ever wanted to figure out just how much of an impact parenting has? Whether you're looking to blame parents for today's problems or give credit for a job well done, this lab is the place to study parenting and related factors, including oppositional defiant disorder, parental psychopathology, gender, and more!

I most enjoy involving students in research. I encourage graduate students to be as productive as possible by providing them with ample opportunities to collaborate as well as develop their independent research related to parenting or oppositional defiant problems.

Undergraduate students typically are involved in developing conference presentations, writing literature reviews, and running participants when necessary. Exceptional undergraduates can be involved in peer-reviewed journal submissions.

Interested students should email Dr. McKinney at