Arazais Oliveros

Not pictured.

Associate Professor

P: 662-325-1146

Clinical Psychology

Child Welfare, Parental Mental Health, Emotion Regulation, Resilience

MSU Regulation and Resilience LAB

Ph.D. University of Central Florida, 2008

Curriculum Vitae



  • B.A., Psychology, Honors College, Florida International University, 2000
  • M.S., Clinical Psychology, University of Central Florida, 2005
  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Central Florida, 2008
  • Doctoral Internship, Harvard Medical School/Children's Hospital, 2008
  • Post-doctoral Training Fellowship, Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, 2010

Professional Licenses

  • Mississippi license #53 924
  • National Register Health Service Psychologist #54060

Research Interests

Dr. Oliveros' program of research seeks to clarify the cognitive and affective pathways involved in family violence and identify mechanisms of risk and resilience in the development of emotion regulation. Research studies in the Regulation and Resilience Lab will seek to understand more about the following topics:

  • Child welfare and prevention of maltreatment
  • Parental mental health and influence on parent-child relationship
  • Parenting influences on emotion regulation
  • Influence of attachment on conflict and resilience
  • Etiology and assessment of emotion dysregulation

Students working in this lab have the opportunity to be involved in setting up studies, data collection, literature reviews, and conference presentations. Qualified students may conduct independent or collaborative research projects where they develop their own research idea and finish by presenting their findings via conferences and journals.

Prospective students who are interested in this work are encouraged to learn more about our graduate programs and then email Dr. Oliveros so she is aware of your interest and can watch for your application. After emailing Dr. Oliveros, please apply!


  • Psychology of Abnormal Behavior - PSY 3213
  • Directed Individual Study - Mentored Research in Emotion Regulation & Resilence Lab - PSY 4000
  • Clinical Child Psychology - PSY 4343
  • Multidisiplinary Respones to Child Maltreatment/Trauma - PSY 4990/6990
  • Applied Clincial Practicum - PSY 8450
  • Clinical Skills - PSY 8533


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