Allison Jaeger

Not pictured.

Assistant Professor - Dr. Jaeger is recruiting a doctoral student for 2023!

P: 662-325-3056

Cognitive Science

Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago

Curriculum Vitae


STEM Thinking and Reasoning Lab (STAR Lab):

In the STAR Lab, we examine how individual differences in learner characteristics and instructional factors may interact and impact successful comprehension in science. In particular, we are interested in understanding the role of spatial thinking skill in successful STEM learning and how learning materials and instructions can be designed to support learning for all types of students. Additionally, we examine how these same instructional materials can impact the accuracy of students’ metacognitive judgments. 

Dr. Jaeger is recruiting graduate students for Fall 2023. Please email her if you are interested in applying.

The STAR Lab also needs undergraduate research assistants to help with data collection, data entry and coding, and materials development. If interested, please contact me via email to set up an interview. Please include with your email a copy of your CV/resume and your NetID so I can examine your transcripts.


Pubs and grants can be found here (more info can be found on the link to my CV on this page):