Directions & Parking

  • Address:223 Famous Maroon Band Street
    Mississippi State, MS 39762
  • Phone:(662) 325-0270


From Highway 82

Take the Highway 182 exit and proceed west toward Mississippi State University. Proceed on Highway 182 for approximately 2 miles. Turn left onto Highway 12 and proceed until you come to the light on Russell Street. Make a left (see From Highway 12 directions below)

From Highway 12

Turn East onto Russell toward campus. You will go past the bookstore and stadium and the road name will become Stone Blvd. Continue straight until you hit Bully Blvd, and turn left. Proceed along Bully Blvd. until you encounter President's Circle and then turn right (see President's Circle directions below).

From President's Circle

Behind Allen Hall you will find that President's Circle intersects with Magruder Street. Turn South on Magruder Street (away from Allen Hall) until you hit Famous Maroon Band Street. Turn right onto Famous Maroon Band Street and the clinic will be on your right. Parking is available directly in front of the clinic.


Mississippi State University offers paratransit services which provide curb-to-curb transportation for disabled and elderly citizens. For more information about these services please visit or call (662) 325-5204.