Dr. Allison Jaeger Awarded 4-Year Collaborative NSF Grant!

Dr. Allison Jaeger of MSU's Department of Psychology was awarded a 4-year collaborative NSF grant titled "Effects of instructional analogies on illusions of understanding in Introductory Geoscience." The central goal of this grant is to understand when and how instructional analogies in geoscience cause illusions of understanding (i.e., when students feel like they have understood something better than they actually have). The project will also examine the cognitive factors impacting students’ ability to study and learn from instructional analogies in geoscience, and work towards developing ideal instructional conditions for learning with analogical examples. Dr. Allison Jaeger will be working with two faculty members from MSU's Department of Geosciences, Dr. Kelsey Crane and Dr. John Ezell, and researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago and Northern Illinois University.