Memory and Metamemory Lab

Memory and MetamemoryWhat is the name of the runner-up of this past year's American Idol contest? If you can't remember the name, with what probability do you predict that you could remember it if you had more time? Is the name on the tip of your tongue? Even if you were unable to remember Katherine McPhee, you might have had a sense that you could if you were given more time. Or perhaps you felt that no matter how much time you were given you would never be able to remember the name. Maybe your prediction was somewhere in between. Memory and Metamemory What we research in the Memory and Metamemory (M & M) Lab is, given that you cannot currently retrieve a given bit of information, how is it that you are able to give a relatively accurate prediction about future retrieval? The sense you have that you could recall information in the future that is not currently accessible to you, and the factors th at influence this sense, are captured by the study of metamemory. Metamemory, particularly at retrieval, is one aspect of the research conducted in the lab.

Memory and MetamemoryI also research human memory in general, including factors that influence acquisition, storage, and retrieval of information. However, specifically my research focuses on retrieval processes. In particular, I am interested in determining the impact of interference on retrieval, as well as how metamemory impacts the regulation and control of retrieval processes. To help with the investigation, I have used several different populations, methodologies, and techniques to examine memory and metamemory at retrieval including older adults, eyewitness memory procedures, and brain imaging techniques (fMRI).

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